Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica®

by Donald L. Vossler

Theory, Application and Mathematica-based Software for Analytic Geometry

Paperback, 865 pages (Academic Press, 1999)

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ISBN: 0127282556   Book Size: 2.13" x 9.19" x 7.48"

For Mathematica Versions 3 and later

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Book Description

The study of two-dimensional analytic geometry has gone in and out of fashion several times over the past century. However this classic field of mathematics has once again become popular due to the growing power of personal computers and the availability of powerful mathematical software systems, such as Mathematica, that can provide an interactive environment for studying the field. By combining the power of Mathematica with an analytic geometry software system called Descarta2D, the author has succeeded in meshing an ancient field of study with modern computational tools, the result being a simple, yet powerful, approach to studying analytic geometry. Students, engineers and mathematicians alike who are interested in analytic geometry can use this book and software for the study, research or just plain enjoyment of analytic geometry.

The entire book is available to download (3 Mb PDF file), or download the Preface and Table of Contents for a quick preview (100K PDF file). Note: The published edition of the book is out of print and is no longer available from the original publisher (Academic Press).


Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica, Mathematica and Descarta2D provide the following outstanding features:

Descarta2D Notebooks for Mathematica

Descarta2D provides a full-scale Mathematica implementation of the concepts developed in Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica. A reference manual section explains in detail the usage of over 100 new commands that are provided by Descarta2D for creating, manipulating and querying geometric objects in Mathematica. To support the study and enhancement of the Descarta2D algorithms, the complete source code for Descarta2D is provided, both in printed form in the book and as Mathematica notebook files (in a ZIP file available for purchase).

The ZIP file provides the complete text of the book in Abode Portable Document Format (PDF) for interactive reading. In addition, the ZIP file provides the following Mathematica notebooks:

These Mathematica notebooks have been thoroughly tested and are compatible with Mathematica Versions 3 and later. Maximum benefit of the book and software is gained by using Descarta2D in conjunction with Mathematica, but a passive reading and viewing of the book and notebook files can be accomplished without using Mathematica itself.

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Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica  
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Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica
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