Exploring Analyic Geometry with Mathematica®

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Installation Instructions

Installing Mathematica and Viewing Notebook Files
Installing the Descarta2D Files
Descarta2D Documentation
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Installing Mathematica and Viewing Notebook Files [Top]

This book is designed around Mathematica Version 6, a product developed and licensed by Wolfram Research Incorporated. To gain maximum benefit from the book and the files provided, Mathematica should be installed on your computer. Information about licensing Mathematica is available at Wolfram's web site, www.wolfram.com. Instructions for installing Mathematica are provided with Mathematica itself. Mathematica should be installed before installing the Descarta2D files.

By using Mathematica you can view any notebook file directly. However, it is recommended that you install the files in the folder Descarta2D as described in the next section prior to viewing them. Generally, you will not be able to follow the hyperlinks in the notebook files unless they are installed on your computer's hard disk drive as described in the next section.

Installing the Descarta2D Files [Top]

When Mathematica is installed on your computer system, a directory structure is created providing a standard location for installing applications such as Descarta2D. On a Windows system the standard Mathematica installation creates a directory structure whose path name is similar to

c:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\6.0\AddOns\Applications\

Mathematica will search this directory when trying to locate packages (.m files) and notebook files (.html files). In order to install Descarta2D and related documentation so that Mathematica can find these files, copy the Descarta2D folder and all its contents into the Applications folder of the directory path named above.

If you plan to use Descarta2D on a different operating system, refer to the installation instructions for your Mathematica system to determine the name of the proper directory path for add-on applications. This information is  provided in Wolfram's Mathematica book.

Descarta2D Documentation [Top]

The documentation for Descarta2D can be viewed by opening the notebook Table_of_Contents.html which is found in the \Descarta2D\Documentation\English\ folder. This notebook provides access to the entire book Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica.

Package Loading [Top]

In order to initialize the Descarta2D software in any Mathematica session enter the command <<Descarta2D`. This command will load the initialization file for Descarta2D and will enable Mathematica to find and load any other Descarta2D package as it is needed.

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